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We provide a range of spa products to enhance your spa/hot tub experience, so whether you are relaxing with friends or having fun with the family, we have something to suit all occasions.

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Spa Cleaning Products

Lo-Chlor Concentrated Spa & Hot Tub Cleaner – Our unique cleaner with its extra strength formulation cleans pipe work in spas and hot tubs. It removes grime, organic build up, oils, dead skin, waste and calcium scale. If used correctly, Concentrated Spa and Hot Tub Cleaner will assist in the removal of Biofilm from the system and its associated pipe work.

Lo-Chlor Ultra-Spa 4 in 1 – Comprised from CHITOSAN, a natural polymer designed for spas and hot tubs. Ultra-Spa 4 in 1 will remove body fats, oils, suntan lotion along with dissolved metals, particles and dead algae spores. It is totally non toxic and bio degradable.

Lo-Chlor Instant Filter Cleaner – Specially formulated for the removal of oils, minerals and debris from your spa and hot tub filter. Supplied in a handy trigger spray its Non-Soak formulation enables the filter to be cleaned quicker resulting in less down time of your spa and hot tub.