Cleaning supplies

Robotic pool cleaner

BRM Poolcare supply the best range of robotic pool cleaners, removing the time and boredom it takes to get your pool looking great. View the range here and call us for further information.


FS Plus

For regular use for the removal of lime scale, calcium, dirt, body fats, bacteria, and mould/mildew. PH friendly. Safe on stainless steel. FOR WET AREAS ONLY.
Areas of use, Poolside, spaside, showers, washroom, handrails, ladders, scumline, shower heads, pH control probes & toilets.

FWH Deep Clean

For use as a deep clean product for heavy duty cleaning. Removes lime scale, calcium, dirt, and body fats for variable, deep clean usage. FOR WET AREAS ONLY.
Areas of use, Poolside, spaside, showers, washroom, deck grills, drains, steam room, sauna – tiled area & changing rooms – wet areas.

Tile and Line Cleaner

A special cleaner to remove waterline stains caused by sun oils, cosmetics, body fat, algae and airborne pollution. It contains an algicide to help clear waterline algae.

Sagewash Sanitiser

The SagewashTM Sanitser supplied by BRM Pool Care will effectively clean, sanitise, and eliminate odours.
It’s easy to use, simply connect the SagewashTM Sanitiser to the hose and spray.
There is no need to worry about proper dispensing – it’s automatic!
Kills bacteria
Kills viruses
Kills mold
Kills algae
Eliminates the need for scrubbing
No bleach stains

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