Reducing pool depth reduces risk.

Work has been underway recently to shallow off a St. Annes Hotel swimming pool. A tragic accident in 2014 at a nearby hotel pool has led for action to be taken to reduce the risk of drowning and further accidents occurring.

HSE guidelines state that risk assessments must be undertaken to determine if lifeguard supervision is constantly required. One of the main criteria for such supervision is if ‘the pool has water deeper than 1.5m’. If this is the case then ‘it is strongly recommended’ that constant poolside supervision is provided. Is the risk of not acting really worth it? Clearly at this hotel the answer was obvious.

Over a short period of time our team has worked hard to undertake the work necessary to reduce the depth of the pool to 1.5m. Establishing the new level and installing the new sumps was the important first steps to then prepare for the pouring of the concrete. Tiling will start once the concrete has dried sufficiently.